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June 26 2017

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there’s a difference between “just do a little yoga it will cure your depression forever :)” and “going for a run won’t solve your problems but it will make you feel a little better and that’s the first step” but this site seems to treat them as the same thing

For real. Getting more active hasn’t completely cured my depression, but it has given me something to look forward to and goals to reach and helped pull me out of the mire faster. It’s a huge step in the right direction.



in this house we don’t depression nap we depression watch the same handful of tv shows on repeat until you can feel ur soul leave your body

reblog this w ur depression shows in the tags mine are psych, house md, and brooklyn nine nine

Theory: Nobody who writes a physics textbook gives any fucks















Update: Legolas’ pupils are about 3.5 cm wide each. Now drawing kawaii Legolas on physics assignment.

And they told you science was no fun.



I’m going to do it. I’m going to hand it in.

Legolas’s pupil size isn’t the problem here, though. 5 leagues is 17.262 miles. The curvature of the Earth means that for a person of average height, the visual horizon is less than three miles away. Even if your vision is telescopic and the atmosphere is perfectly clear, you can’t see around the planet. If they were standing on a hill, it would have to be at LEAST 198 feet above sea level in order to see the horizon at 17.2 miles away, with nothing tall in between. Which, knowing Rohan, isn’t impossible.

But consider: Elven satellite eyeballs.

you mean like

@sidereanuncia it’s back, the post that I can only imagine haunts your nightmares 

I shall never find peace.

Also, for what it’s worth, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that the curvature of Middle Earth is the same as that of Earth.

There’s no evidence that Middle Earth curves.

Yeah there is.  The Silmarillion states that the world was curved after the fall of Numenor (I believe), preventing access to Valinor.  But Elves (among others) can travel the straight path across it.

So middle earth is round, but not for Elves because magic.

So wait, the reason he can see that far is because Elves just have the ability to ignore the curve of the earth? That’s awesome. It also means that no matter how good your optics got, you would always want elf eyes manning the spyglass because they can see arbitrarily far while everybody else is limited by this ‘horizon’ bullshit.

Oh thank God, my poor elf prince has seen too much in this post

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oh so i guess millennial children are too busy eating avocado toast to enjoy a nice hearty detergent pod

i finally listened to “natasha, pierre & the great comet of 1812″ and i just

  • the music????? incredible wow
    • the dissonance???? dissonance in the music itself and the plot?????? (WOW)
    • “storm of chromatic scales and diminished sevenths”
      • this is basically the entire musical
      • but like
      • it’s so
      • u n t r a d i t i o n a l
      • (electro-pop opera)
  • the characters???? problematic as fuck
    • (except sonya)
    • (sonya was good)
    • (and marya was old-school so she chill)
    • (and andrey wasn’t here for most of it so w/e)
    • but everyone else?
      • dramatique
        • anatole is a punk-ass bitch (dave should change the lyrics in the prologue)
  • denée benton stole my heart with her voice
    • just made off with it
    • like
    • you can keep it
    • (even tho natasha pissed me off too)
  • also the plot was so complicated that dave malloy put the plot in the program
    • (what a nice guy wow)
    • (he’s such an amazing writer)
    • (i cannot gush enough)
    • (HE’S SO COOL)
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And what about Pierre?

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Crying. The set is BEAUTIFUL

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“As actors and artists, we’re always trying to assign meaning to things and trying to find the relevance of what we’re working on; in the temperament of what’s happening in the world right now, I found that what we’re doing is reminding people that we’re all connected and also reminding people to have joy”

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I’ve been playing around with these ideas for a few days, decided to draw them!

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naked fruit

i feel like i wasn’t supposed to see this


Burst blogging is my preferred method. Reblog a thousand things in a minute and leave. Its like the opposite if queue-ing

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Good times

I miss TRL

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June 25 2017

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Mimic Octopus has had enough of Dancing Crab’s shenanigans

darn dancing crabs and their jazz crab hands


i cant control my hand suddenly

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate non-binary fairies please

“little sillies” :’3

Also note that this was written before pink was assigned to girls and blue to boys.


how do people leak songs
where do they come from
what are you

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