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February 08 2018

Don't ignore my pleasantries



Me: hi there! How are you tonight?
Customer: tall mocha
My coworker over the headset: ah, my favorite emotion….tall mocha







anyone on these interwebs wanna talk about……… clowns?

Hey d'you want to know why some clowns are scary?

i am definitely apprehensive but sure i would like to know

So I learned to be a clown briefly in grade 7. And here’s the thing, clowning is taking the worst aspects of yourself and amplifying them to the point of hilarity (It’s quite good for self-esteem, actually). But here’s the thing, some people try to make their clown a happy clown when they themselves aren’t a happy person, and that is, technically, lying. And our brains are REALLY REALLY GOOD at detecting lies, so warning bells go off. And therefore we get scared.

TL:DR, the only scary clowns are the ones who are lying.

“the only scary clowns are the ones who are lying” is a mood and im not sure how but it really really is

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28.25 years.

Walls don’t work. They split up families. You can demonize the other side, but the better solution is coming together.

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@indigopersei is the french language just always on the verge of getting someone accused of assault or..?

my friend,
if only you knew

It’s a very dangerous language to learn

Here’s an interesting thing about French! Everything needs to have an article in front of it. That’s why it’s “la chat” as opposed to just “chat”. So, for instance, you could say la fille for the girl, or jeune fille for young girl, but you can’t just say fille, because that means you are calling her a sex worker in a derogatory way.

The moral of the story is, if you want to make something rude in French, just take out the article in front of it. Yes, this works for nearly. every. word.

#now I’m wondering how often my high school french teacher was silently screaming because of this little fact

Every year. Every year there’s that kid who forgets that you can’t translate “I am excited” to “Je suis excitée”. And every year Monsieur Jordan has to slam the brakes before that kid can finish his sentence and then tactfully ask him not to announce to the class that he is horny.

“is the french language always on the verge” oh buddy, oh pal, i am so happy to break this news to you: 

truly the language of love

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Tracey is gone

Misty is gone

May is gone

Max is gone

Dawn is gone 

Brock is gone

Cilan is gone

Iris is gone

Serena is gone

Clemont is gone

Bonnie is gone

But this Mr. Mime from an otherwise irrelevant Kanto filler episode is still in the show and is the reason Ash is even in Alola

thats his dad you bitch







There are a couple of things about current shipping culture that confuse me.  

1. The focus on whether or not a pairing will become canon as a reason people should ship something or not.  Do you not understand what the “transformative” part of “transformative works” means?”

2. This idea that saying “I ship that” means “I think that, as presented in canon,this is a perfect, healthy relationship that everyone should model their relationship after.” 

Sometimes shipping something does mean that.  Sometimes shipping something means “Person A is a trash bag who doesn’t deserve person B but I would love to explore how Person A might grow to deserve Person B.” Sometimes it means “I want these characters to live together forever in a conflict free domestic AU.”  Sometimes it means “I want Person A to forever pine after Person B.  Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts.”  And sometimes it just means you like their faces and want to see Person A and Person B bone in various configurations and universes. 

Listen to your parents, kids.

This really should be one of a handful of Public Service Announcements randomly and chronically inserted into one’s dash.

Hell man sometimes it means “these two are TERRIBLE and I want to watch them burn like a catastrophic forest fire as a proxy for all the shit I don’t actually want in real life (like to light my own apartment on fire and scream) and then laugh at the destruction at the end.” 

All “I ship it” really means – really – is “I think there’s a story in those two, and I want to hear it.”

All “I ship it” really means – really – is “I think there’s a story in those two, and I want to hear it.”

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what the fuck is horse game drama

If you have to ask then you aren’t prepared to know

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What do Americans say?

Source: Based on a survey of 350,000 Americans (x)

Wait, what? Whats with two/three? Do people just count differently in various places?

it’s the number of syllables in “caramel”, the picture has a caption if you click it



at my funeral: *everyone is sitting in their seats when all of a sudden “i like to move it” by king julian blasts through the speakers and all of a sudden my lifeless corpse is dropped down by strings like a puppet and it just starts dancing*

everyone in these notes saying the songs not by king julian can die with me too

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The Map of Nobody Wants to Be the Guy Draws the Map

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Don’t say that



Me reassuring myself: it’s really ok you dumb bitch

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More Mens #Fashion Infographics

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